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Senator _______________________

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                                                                                                          Date ____________2012




Dear Senator:

             I am writing to you because of my concern for human life. I am completely opposed to the killing of babies by abortion. To crush their skulls, suck out their brains, and then tear their bodies limb from limb to extract them from their mother’s womb is both horrific and barbaric. Therefore I want to make this pledge to you:


       I will never vote for any Pro-Choice (to kill) politician under any circumstance. To do this – in my opinion – would make me complicit in a grave evil; an evil I abhor.


      You should be aware that the majority of the people in our country today are opposed to abortion. Let’s face it, Pro-Choice (to kill) is no longer a “vote getter.”       


      In closing, I wish to paraphrase a quote from Abraham Lincoln: “If you know of a wrong, and do nothing about it, you are as guilty as the one committing the wrong.”



                                                                                                Yours truly,